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NYPD Officer Knocks Teen Unconscious For Smoking A ‘Suspicious’ Cigarette

October 11th, 2014

Marcel Hamer, 17, was punched out June 4 as he pleaded with the officer that he was smoking a tobacco cigarette, not marijuana. You wanna get fucked up?' the cop asks before dropping the hammer. The officer has since been suspended in the latest viral video black eye for the NYPD.

Mister, it was just a cigarette, sir,” Hamer can be heard saying on the video.

It was just a cigarette.

As the officer notices a person videotaping the incident, he taunts the individual, “Yeah, get it on film.

Although the alleged knockout blow is not seen, the teen appears to be unconscious at the end of the footage.

You knocked him out!” one of Hamer’s friends could be heard saying.

The teen’s family said he now suffers neurological problems, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

The law firm released the video the same day as another piece of footage surfaced showing officers in Bedford-Stuyvesant punch and pistol-whip an unarmed teen who has his hands raised in surrender. Police arrested the teen for marijuana possession, according to a report by DNAinfo.

Another video, obtained by the Daily News, shows an officer allegedly removing $1,300 from Lomard Joye’s pocket during a stop-and-frisk in Coney Island. Joye was then pepper sprayed when he demanded his money back. 

When Joye’s sister, Lateefah Joye, tried to get the cop’s badge number, she too was pepper sprayed. 

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating all three incidents.






Only a progressive leftist could look at a monkey and think “This is a person.”


Only someone filled with hatred could look at another human being and call them an animal based on their race

I don’t think it’s about race. First thing I thought about was evolution but I could be wrong

This was about literal monkeys, because in New York or something, they’re trying to give a chimp human rights

>Talking about a literal chimpanzee

>Tumblr user reads monkey and thinks black person.

>Totally not racist or anything.



they tried so hard, too

wait a minute, is that….

chest hair!


1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst/Olds 442 convertible.

Cuts like a knife
Cut me with your knife

(Chris & Cosey – Love Cuts)

"Cloud was her friendher koibito"

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did i miss something, when did he even say they were having a baby?



20 lb SLEDGE responds to race baiters who thrive off racism.

Wow this was amazing!! This was amazing to watch!!

Slavic Spirits




The Domovoi is a masculine household spirit.

In appearance, the Domovoi is typically:

  • Small.
  • Bearded.
  • Covered in hair all over.

According to some traditions, domovye take on the appearance of current or former owners of the house and have a grey beard, sometimes with tails or little horns. There are tales of neighbours seeing the master of the house out in the yard while in fact the real master is asleep in bed. It has also been said that domovye can take on the appearance of cats and dogs.

Traditionally, every house is said to have its Domovoi. It does not do evil unless angered by a family’s poor keep of the household, profane language or neglect. The domovoi is seen as the home’s guardian, and he sometimes helps with household chores and field work. Some even treat them as part of the family, albeit an unseen one, and leave them gifts like milk and biscuits in the kitchen overnight.

  • To attract a Domovoi, you would go outside of your house wearing your best clothing and say aloud “Grandfather Dobrokhot, please come into my house and tend the flocks.
  • To rid yourself of a rival Domovoi, you would beat your walls with a broom, shouting “Grandfather Domovoi, help me chase away this intruder.
  • When moving, some might make an offering to the Domovoi and say “Domovoi! Domovoi! Don’t stay here but come with our family!

People made sure they only kept animals the Domovoi liked, as he would torment the ones he did not. Salted bread wrapped in a white cloth would appease this spirit, and putting clean white linen in his room was an invitation to eat a meal with the family. Hanging old boots in the yard was another way to cheer him.

The Domovoi was also an Oracleas his behavior could foretell or forewarn about the future. He would pull hair to warn a woman of danger from an abusive man. He would moan and howl to warn of coming trouble. If he showed himself, it forewarned of death, and if he was weeping it was said to be a death in the family. If he was laughing, good times could be expected, and if he strummed a comb there would be a wedding in the future.

It is also said that Domovoi like to make the sound, “He! He! He!, Ho! Ho!, Ho!” when they are excited or happy.



The Kikimora is a feminine household spirit.

Appearance varies, in some tales, she looks like an average woman with her hair down (married Slavic women typically kept their hair covered, and young unmarried girls kept it braided.) She may also be described as a small humpbacked woman in dirty clothes.

There are two different kinds of Kikimoras. One kind lives in the forest; the other kind lives in the swamp. The Swamp Kikimora is the wife of Leshy. Her presence can be recognized by wet footprints. When home builders wanted to do something harmful to the person buying the house, they would bring in Kikimora. Once inside, it is difficult to get her to leave.

Her role in the house is usually juxtaposed with that of the Domovoi, whereas one of them is considered a “bad" spirit, and the other, a "good" one. When the kikimora inhabits a house, she lives behind the stove or in the cellar, and usually produces noises similar to those made by the mice in order to obtain food.

When the house is in order, Kikimora looks after the chickens and housework. If not, she whistles, breaks dishes, and makes noises at night. She also comes out at night to spin.

To appease an angry Kikimora, one should wash all the pots and pans with fern tea. An adder stone or a bunch of juniper twigs is hung above the nesting place of chickens to protect their eggs from Kikimora.



The Dvorovoi is the spirit of the courtyard.

The Dvorovoi is similar to the house spirit Domovoi, although it was less benevolent and lived further away from humans. He hates animals with white fur (commonly cats, dogs, and horses), so it was seen as a threat and danger to livestock. However, white chickens were not afraid of the Dvorovoi as they were protected by the chicken god (куриный бог).

Some peasants would ask the Dvorovoi to take care and feed their cattle by offering him glittering objects, bread, and sheep wool

A tale tells of a Dvorovoi who fell in love with a girl and lived with her for a very long time. The Dvorovoi plaited her hair and told her to keep it that way. However, the night before her marriage, she brushed her hair and unbraided it. The Dvorovoi strangled her while she was sleeping and she was found dead the next morning.

I like the clothes (cept the boots) because they do look like biker clothes (cept japanese-styled) but… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THE BODY LANGUAGE??? it looks weird as hell. like it’s been warped or something. look at his shoulders. and cloud baby where are your glorious biceps, don’t cover them

but the clothes are unf in a way (maybe jus cuz Cloud is wearing them), but i mean when has cloud ever worn leather before?  I feel like they’re not in character for him. it’s more squall-ish.




religion: nicki minaj destroying and being disgusted at phallic symbols

but she’s grinding on him and showcasing her body for him




As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong. I felt his shame, his anger, and my own feelings of frustration for existing in a world where I have allowed myself to believe that “authority figures” could control my BEING… my ability to BE!

Danièle’s husband, Brian Lucas, who is white, says he believes they were targeted because they are an interracial couple.

Read more here

black privilege….

they literally saw a black woman kissing a white man and ASSUMED SHE WAS A PROSTITUTE. and then they said they were married AND THE COPS FUCKING ASKED FOR ID???? what the fuck? what the fuck? and she said no AND WAS ARRESTED? they need to be fired but God knows that’s not going to happen. LISTEN: she’s an actress. this happened to a producer. even fucking Oprah. no matter what you accomplish as a black person, you are still black and people don’t think their rights apply to you despite the constitution
it’s really scary
it’s really infuriating
it’s really exhausting









bless them for letting baby girl keep her heritage

I peep them braids and that dress

I was just thinking this. She actually takes the children back to visit their family in their home country and they study about their own cultures. She isn’t one of those white people trying to assimilate her non-white children. 

She doesn’t use her kids as props and accessories, and she loves and cherishes them all equally it looks like.

Not to mention how she lets John (Shiloh prefers to be called John) dress and act how they like

Also, I’m pretty sure her wedding dress has her kids’ drawings on it, which is just unbelievably adorable.

it does have her kids drawings on it, they also helped to write the vows and Maddox the eldest boy made the cake with his friends, which is probably why he looks so nervous in the picture of them cutting it.

Every single thing I hear about this wedding makes me so happy even though they’re complete strangers to me because it just seems so joyful.

I remember reading a while ago that when they hire nannies, they have a nanny from each child’s country of origin, who is fluent in their country’s native language, and can teach not just the individual child but the whole family about that country and culture. It’s really incredible how non-assimilative they’ve made their household.

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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

Man what in the FUCK

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